Meet Our Team


Ahn Avion (skintrader.greyskin)
Ahn Avion (skintrader.greyskin)Owner
Ahn started Second Life back in 2006. Flexi prims were the new kids on the block and having an alternate avatar was scandalous!
Alex Avion (alexavion)
Alex Avion (alexavion)Manager
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Sangi Phaeton (sangi.phaeton)
Sangi Phaeton (sangi.phaeton)Manager
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мαηÐу мσσвєяяу ανιση (amandasue.hallison)
мαηÐу мσσвєяяу ανιση (amandasue.hallison)Blogger
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Ryo Ichikawa (bartimaeus.brandenburg)
Ryo Ichikawa (bartimaeus.brandenburg)Blogger
Bartimaeus Brandenburg was rezzed on January 24th, 2008. He still remembers the days when avatars had surnames and individually rigged mesh toes weren’t even a pipeline dream.
He has been working as a photographer and entertainer for a while in SL and beyond. He also started a furniture store for Edo Japan role players in Second Life, which he hasn’t updated in forever. He only recently started a career as a fashion blogger, but has found it immensely satisfying.
During his downtime, you may find him chasing geisha around the floating world, drinking tea with other fops at Versailles, splicing and slicing “patients” in futuristic city-states, or having a drink with one of his many international beaux.
For any inquiries and requests, be sure to send him a notecard to ensure the message gets right to him. Messages are usually answered within the next 72 hours, so don’t despair.
Kai Demen
Kai DemenBlogger
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