Here are a couple gifts from the Homestuff path of the hunt!

First is this wonderful Rustic Privacy Fence from #2,  CHEZ MOI

As you can see, its gorgeous! The fence comes in three different colors too, so something in this gift is bound to match your own home’s style. I  do a lot of photography and i suspect this will be an often used backdrop.

Then we have the Cuddles park bench from #3 Dekute Dekore.

This Bench has absolutely wonderful poses in it, some i had not seen before anywhere! I called Ahn over to join me and test out the snuggles.  We are kinda tired from working on the hunt…so a good snuggle was just what we needed.

Make sure to pick these gifts up and thank the designers. They went above and beyond for the hunters this year.

More gifts will be blogged later…. for now I am staying on this bench with my baby.

You can find the hints to the HOMESTUFF portion of the hunt Here! Happy Hunting!