Feeling the song, party done
Shadows walking home
Walking with our game on
You are my kind, classic mind
And you look so fine
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Loving the cold, smoke a roll
See your fingers shake
I’m getting through your heart break
Some kinda freak, sing for me
Don’t know what I need

Don’t doubt me babe
You make me wanna change
Break my bed to make me wanna stay
I can’t…
Bite me babe
You make me love the pain
Break my bed to make me wanna stay
I can’t…

When you say it like that
Got me falling right back
When you say it like that
Let me fuck you right back

– Outfit –
Head – GBCS Rooth Bento Head – Meli Imako (Full Perm)
Skin – Comes with Head and Maitreya Body skin matched with Hud
Shape – Comes with head and edited for pleasing look.

Hair – Jill Hair – [RA]
Earrings/Necklace/Coin Belt – Rue’s Coin Belt Jewelry – [TKS] – Tam’s Trousseau
Nose Piercing – Coffin Septum – The Little Bat
Catsuit – Sofia Catsuit – Blasphemic @
Truth or Dare Affair

– Furnishings/Scenery –

Valentines Table Set (Red) – Champagne, Caviar, & You – Elegant Environs @ Stuff Style
Valentines Table Set (Pink) – Cherrie’s Heart – Elegant Environs @ Stuff Style
✔ Gives animated food on touch
✔ Bears play two songs, touch for music menu

Plants – Potted Plants – Soy
Picture – Decorative Painting – **JOMO** (Only 1L)