I am posing and I am a poser as I can’t ski.  I just want to go up and down the chairlift all day, waving to the people below and then go drink hot chocolate at the lodge.  Perfect day ‘skiing’ in my books.

I am loving this chairlift set called Skyline from WetCat.  Arya tells me you can find it at the Draftsman event which is a super cool home and garden extravaganza.  I went and looked!

The chairlift has couples and singles poses and there are also poses in the main poles too.  You even get the skis to makes the look right.  Great set for any winter land.

Sweater:  !Bravura Boit Noir! Neill Sweater Leather Trim – Blue (FitMesh Designers Expo)

Pants:  !Bravura Boit Noir! – Neill Jeans – Grey (FitMesh Designers Expo)

Scarf:  ..:: OPOPOP // Kamaino V#4 // Unisex // Mesh Scarf ::.

Hat and Goggles:  [BODY FACTORY] Googles Beanie – Black