I celebrated my RL rezzday by walking up and down Manhattan like a manic tourist and now I am paying the consequences. Gotta stay in bed for a while, resting my heels…

Speaking of being a bad boy, I did not do my homework for today and it shows.


By the way, as the sharpest between you may have noticed, we have a brand new website waiting for us bloggers to fill it up with exciting new content!

Also, you may have noticed our Designer Directory is kinda bare. If you’re a designer, please, don’t be a Lazy Bartimaeus and send us your updated info as soon as possible!


Hair – Blade – Orchid

Shirt – Men’s Shirt Tucked – BHB

Pants – Mighty Nations Jeans Sweden – NoName (that’s the actual name of the designer)

Phone – Vista VP Phone – Vista Animations