Not Gonna Lie

Not Gonna Lie

I celebrated my RL rezzday by walking up and down Manhattan like a manic tourist and now I am paying the consequences. Gotta stay in bed for a while, resting my heels…

Speaking of being a bad boy, I did not do my homework for today and it shows.


By the way, as the sharpest between you may have noticed, we have a brand new website waiting for us bloggers to fill it up with exciting new content!

Also, you may have noticed our Designer Directory is kinda bare. If you’re a designer, please, don’t be a Lazy Bartimaeus and send us your updated info as soon as possible!


Hair – Blade – Orchid

Shirt – Men’s Shirt Tucked – BHB

Pants – Mighty Nations Jeans Sweden – NoName (that’s the actual name of the designer)

Phone – Vista VP Phone – Vista Animations


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Bartimaeus Brandenburg was rezzed on January 24th, 2008. He has been working as a photographer and entertainer for a while in SL and beyond. During his downtime, you may find him chasing geisha around the floating world, drinking tea with other fops at Versailles, splicing and slicing “patients” in futuristic city-states, or having a drink with one of his many international beaux.

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