Established in 2014

Adult Items
Clothing - Footwear
Clothing - System
Costumes & RP
Jewelry & Piercings
Mesh Body Adam Compatible
Mesh Body Aesthetic Compatible
Mesh Body Signature Compatible
Mesh Body Slink Compatible
Mesh Body/Head Catwa Compatable
Misc. Accessories
Omega Appliers
Tattoos - no appliers (system)
Tattoos - with appliers

About [ maXplicit ] by PBM™ by PeeBee McMillan

"Inspired by Obedience", a sub-brand of PBM Enterprises™ Male Adult & BD/SM • Original Body Enhancements & Accessories (incl. Omega Appliers) • Leather & Fetish Gear • BD/SM Toys • for the Niramyth AESTHETIC Mesh Avatars & others

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