Coming June first, The All_Stuff grid-wide hunt will coming your way. Over 50 stores have gifts just for the guys and these are just a few of the exclusives you will be able to find.

For more info…  Check This out!

Now….for the treasures…

Hunt stop #20  Mishmash Fusion,   Tee shirt and Jeans

Fits bodies Jake, Adam, Aesthetic, Geralt. Gainni, Slink and classic  XS, S, M, L &  XL

Hunt stop #57  Waffles.  Flowered Hoodie.

Fits bodies Jake, Aesthetic, Geralt. Gaianni, Slink, TMP and classic S & L

Hunt Stop #51  D2T Designs  Jeans

Fits bodies Jake, Belleza, Adam, Aesthetic, Geralt. Gainni, Slink, TMP and classic  XS, S, M, L &  XL

Hunt Stop #13  KingballStores, Bracelette

Comes in 10 different colors of cord and metal combination.

Hunt Stop #3  UnderDog.

OMG this designer went way over the top. All of the following outfits and MANY more are part of the Underdog gift.

All items are Classic  fit in sizes XS, S, M, L &  XL