Slender fingers link together in front of your EXCLUSIVE WellMade pattern top. You always love wearing this top!  You shake your head laughing ever so slightly, recalling how you couldn’t make up your mind of which color to wear. After all, this WellMade top is changeable to pink too AND it comes in the sizes of Belleza (Freya & Isis), Slink (Hourglass & Physique), and Tonic (Curvy & Fine). Luckily that day WellMade was having a sale which lead to a pair of EXCLUSIVE WellMade jeans to match for free! Who could pass up such an offer?



You smile as you shift your weight from one foot to the other. Your feet fairly comfortable in the strappy shoes from Heels. Not only were your feet comfortable but the Heels shoes seem to be made by an artist! The details of the studded pearls sold you immediately, even after finding them to fit perfectly in your Maitreya & Slink feet.



You look out across the way as your weight drops back against the wall. Prompting your Heels shoe up causes the EXCLUSIVE Zuri Jewelry wolf necklace to shift under your graceful body movements.

The wind picks up, blowing your golden curly locks across your olive eyes. The EXCLUSIVE matching Zuri Jewelry wolf earring catch the sunlight to sparkle with the sway of the wind. Your eyes drop down to your bike a moment. You should be getting home soon. Just a few more moments.