While you’re walking down the sidewalk of your city (yes it’s your city because you know it like the back of your hand) you get onlookers staring at you. Of course being looked at isn’t out of the ordinary for you, however today a few people asked about the dress & jacket you selected to wear.

How many times must you explain? The strapless sweetheart gothic victorian skull dress is an exclusive item for the ‘stuff hunt from the designer Trashed . The exclusive Trashed dress is tailored to fit Venus, Fine, Curvy, Hourglass, TMP, Ebody, Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, and not to mention for classic shapes of XS, S, M, L, & XL.  Perhaps it’s because they are distracted by the top of your dress being a corset? Looking down you see this exclusive Trashed  dress has a built in corset. The top trimmed in a thick leather strap then a much thinner one cupping under your bust giving it an extra lift. You take a deep breath in feeling the leather straps on all sides of your waists confiding your tempting figure. You grin, yes this dress could be it or…

Photographer: Eibhline | Model & Stylist: Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks)

The winter wind sweeps down the street. To block the wind, you press your body into the wall but the exclusive puffy skull jacket from Winterwood Design  protected you from the chill not the wall itself. You let out a sigh because you know it’s only a mater of time before someone asks you about your exclusive puffy skull jacket from ‘stuff hunt next. Normally you would wear this Winterwood Design jacket with an undershirt, that’s attached to the jacket, however today you wanted to just show off the jacket itself. When asked about it you explain how it comes in the choices of red or grey skulls with shirt colors of: red, white, & black or no shirt at all.

As predicted, a person from before returns asking about the Winterwood Design exclusive skull jacket sizes. You start to list the sizes: Freya, Isis, Venus, Ebody, Maitreya, Ocacin, Hourglass, Physique, TMP, Curvy, Fine, and for classic shapes XS, S, M, L, & XL.  Once finished explaining the person thanks you. In response, you throw up a hand sign as they walk away.