You quickly tuck the love letter into your bag, then slide the straps of the bag over your shoulder. Slender fingers pulls the bag closer as you make your way down to the hot apple cider stand. The sounds of the crunching leaves breaking under your boots is distant from your ears as your mind is buzzing with thoughts.

Tomorrow’s your birthday and already an EXCLUSIVE LUXE Paris gift was given to you from a secret admirer. You glance down at your outfit. The colorfully stitched LUXE Paris sweater fits your figure perfectly of Maitreya (Lara), Belleza (Freya; Venus), Slink (Hourglass; Physique), Tonic (Fine; Curvy), and fitmesh shapes of S, M, & L. Your olive green eyes then fall to the maroon LUXE Paris skirt. The skirt is latched together with two small brown belts on the hip, while it slightly flares out to glide down your legs until it reaches mid-thigh. It fits just as perfectly as the LUXE Paris sweater did! But who would know my size? Who would buy me such and EXCLUSIVE gift?

Photo: Up Klos Photography | Model & Stylist: Showtoons1239 Zaks

The scent of cinnamon and apples interrupts your thought as you reach the stand. The letter from your admire still tucked away in your bag, but the words remembered to meet them here. You look around… no one is here… not even the person who runs the stand is there. Where is everyone? You look inside the stand then hear your name being called. You turn to look…