I can’t handle these pressures
All I can say is this stress hurts
Things are supposed to get better
I just need to put myself first
I’m always trying my hardest
Not to pick myself apart, this
Energy’s killing my vibes now
Sometimes I just wanna drown out
All of the thoughts in my mind
Too much going on at the same time
I wish it would stop and I’ve tried, but
Life just sucks then we all die

That’s just reality, yeah don’t lie to me
Yeah I’m fucked up but I don’t wanna be

I wonder if I’m good enough
But maybe I’ve just had too much
To drink, to smoke, to swallow
I’m drownin’ up my sorrows
There’s rules I’ll never follow
Pretend there’s no tomorrow
I wish there was no tomorrow

But I’m empty inside, yeah I’m empty inside
And I don’t wanna live but I’m too scared to die
Yeah I’m empty inside, I just don’t feel alive
And I don’t wanna live but I’m too scared to die


Hair – Deity Rare Gacha – Beusy
Eye Shadow – Lily Eye Shadow – The Little Bat
Lip – Celine Lip – The Little Bat
Outfit Complete with Doll Case – Vintage Doll – DarkCandy CreationsWomenstuff Hunt Gift