You drag your wheelie luggage bag along the path. Well maybe not so much a path… but more like a field. You smiled when the driver asked if you were sure to be dropped off here. You kindly waved assuring him you’d be fine and wished him a happy thanksgiving. It may sound silly to some people, but this field is part of your home and you already knew the path since childhood. The EXCLUSIVE 7th Avenue crinkle mustard shirt in XS, S, M, L, XL is comfortably soft against your skin as you tug your wheelie luggage bag along. The EXCLUSIVE 7th Avenue skinny jeans, made to match the same sizes as the shirt, was brushing past the wheat grass with each step closer to home. You could already smell the thanksgiving meal the closer you got!


When you went shopping earlier today you didn’t realize 7th Avenue was having a huge holiday sale on their attire. You were dumbfounded when the cashier told you a pair of EXCLUSIVE 7th Avenues fitted mesh boots came with the duo shirt and skinny jeans you were comfortably wearing now. You even started to look for the cameras wondering if it was a setup! You laugh softly as you let go of the trapped wheelie luggage bag and proper your arm against an old ladder to catch your breath. You make a mental note: next year use a duffel bag not a wheelie luggage bag.