I confess after I found this exclusive hunt item, from EccentriciXi, I had to blog it! After all, it’s made with one of my favorite colors… shhhh… it’s purple…


The purple & black plaid jacket from EccentriciXi will keep you warm on these winter nights as it fits perfectly to your EBody, Hourglass, Ocacin, Slink, TMP, Tonic Curvy, Tonic Fine, Isis, Freya, Lara, Venus, and basic sizes for non-mesh body users of XS, S, M, & L. The purple undershirt, attached to the jacket, hangs low past your hips making sure the cold night air doesn’t find its way to your comfortable body temperature. The EccentriciXi black leggings, under your purple shirt, fits your body just as the jacket does.

Photographer: Eibhline | Model & Stylist: Zaks (Showtoons1239 Zaks)

At your feet you have… you guessed it! EccentriciXi purple & black hiking boots made for TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, & Slink. The black leather hiking boots have bronze shoe holes, and purple shoelaces that tie off an inch or two above your ankle.  The remaining two shoe holes are left unlaced, as the tops of the leather boots are flipped down reveling the same purple & black plaid pattern as the jacket. But just in case, the purple lining of the boot remains up, giving you some extra support for your ankles. But why do you need that kind of support? Well… you did just get off the gondola & now have to finish the climb up the snowy mountain!