Too many times we try to put people and things in a box and give it a label as if to say that that’s all such people and things can ever be. Why can’t someone that uses a skateboard as a main mode of transportation also be stylish and current? Why can’t something a skater wears also be worn by a bowler, a tourist, or a club owner? Beats me!

Introducing the latest fashion from Brocade Tiger, the Plaid and Patched tank top and jeans. With original handmade textures, you’ll never have to wonder about looking the same as anyone else (unless they were smart enough to get the same outfit!). The tank top is available for Aesthetic, Belleza, Signature, Slink, Standard (S, M, L), and TMP. The jeans are available in Adin, Belleza, Classic Fitmesh, Onupup, Slink, and TMP.

Picture was taken at Backdrop City

Style Card
Outfit: Plaid and Patched – Brocade Tiger
Hair: No Lyrics – no.match
Bracelet: Casablanca – GDit Jewelry
Watch: Bravado Sport Watch – Culture Fine Jewelry for Men
Shoes: Fraktal Kicks – REBELLION
Pose: SkateMoves 2 – PBM Enterprises