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Sangi joined Second Life in the days of no prim anything!!!! (system hair! ick)

Here comes Peter Cottontail! Wait?? Where did he go??? He knows where the hunt gift is!

So I was following Peter Cottontail and he totally vanished. Silly bunny! I want my Easter basket! But........... I am so ready for Easter this year in my super cute Gift from Le Fashion Whore called, "Daddy's Lil Bunneh" This gorgeous mint colored set comes with Bodysuit, Tights HUD with three colors to choose from, Bunny [...]

Sparkle this New Years….. with Blossom and SOHOe shoes!

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I LOVE to sparkle, in SL and RL, I love glitter and shiny clothes and shoes!!! With this pieces from Blossom and the shoes from SOHOe I got so much glitter I about outshined the tinsel. You can get all of these lovely goodies from the "Sparkle: Round of [...]

Do you wanna build a snowman, with Le Fashion Whore at 50 Below

I love winter time and I am set to go build an army of snow people in my new Elsa Puffer Jacket and Anna Leggings from Le Fashion Whore! They are available at the new 50 Below Event! What that means is each vendor at the event has items that are 50L or less! Starting with [...]

Everybody Run~ The Homecoming Queen has a Bubble Gun! WS Designers @ the VSSR Prom Event!

It was Homecoming Night at my high school Everyone was there, it was totally cool I was real excited, I almost wet my jeans 'Cause my best friend Debbie was Homecoming Queen She looked so pretty in pink chiffon. Riding the float with her tiara on. Holding this humongous bouquet in her hand. She looked straight [...]