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The ‘stuff groups started out as one group, Menstuff. The Menstuff group was created as an alternative for the previously successful Make Him Over group. When a small number of designers and bloggers in the men’s fashion community learned that the Make Him Over group was to close we decided to join forces and gather as many of the previous designers and members together to continue on the long tradition of great information and hunts that the Make Him Over group gave us.  With the success of Menstuff, the creation of Womenstuff soon followed.

The Womenstuff group is intended to be a full service group for women’s fashion designers to provide Second Life members with information on their newest releases and sales, as well as organizing a number of events, hunts and other activities as a way to give back to their customers.

Homestuff followed shortly after Womenstuff, offering an array of home and garden designers for interior as well as exterior decorating.  Homestuff also includes but is not limited to vehicles of all sorts, art, and textures.

Posestuff and Kidstuff are our newest additions.  We hope to be able to provide various events specializing in poses/animations and child avatars soon!

If you haven’t joined the groups yet, you can find us in world by searching for Menstuff, Womenstuff, Homestuff, Kidstuff, or Posestuff under groups or from any participating designers or management member’s profile. These groups are an open enrollment group for easier access.

There are guidelines for each group.  For more details, take a look at our information page.

We look forward to you joining us!

Recent Stuff

-= Menstuff and Homestuff Exclusives! The hunt is on! =-

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-= The All 'stuff Hunt is OPEN! =- [...]

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